martes, 23 de febrero de 2016


I recently announced that I was again to have a place where all of the material I've gathered during my almost 14 years as a Professional Dom would shine and be enjoyed by lovers of BDSM, and that place was the La Pasteleria.
I have decided to unilaterally and immediately dissolve the partnership, as you can see on the website of the premises in question.
I trusted in a person who pledged to take care of my furniture as if it were his own.
I trusted that the neatness and cleanliness required for the use of floggers, whips and other elements of punishment would be complete and meticulous, something I think essential to avoid possible spread of disease, as they are instruments that can come into contact easily with blood or other bodily fluids.
I trusted also that respect would be the guiding motive in the use and enjoyment of the many elements that I provided to this place, which they themselves advertised as BDSM LUXURY, given the quality and value of each item of furniture and of other items.
Without going into details, I just want to note that the administrator of this premises has acted simply as it pleased him, for the sole purpose of a quick profit, and without respecting anything that we had agreed beforehand. I blame myself for my innocence, not having signed any contract making this man responsible for what is the result of my work all these years, instead of showing me that for him they were only tools with which to draw an economic benefit. I trusted his word, and with a handshake I started this adventure that I unfortunately have had to break today, taking with me my entire property from the premises of this gentleman.
Even having made a mistake, I am proud of standing up for my ideas of what should make a safe dungeon, respectful to both amateurs and professionals who may attend. For this reason I want to make very clear my total and absolute disassociation from La Pasteleria.

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